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Physical Anthro Courses

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Anthropology 4U Academy

Welcome to the Anthropology 4U Academy! This page contains links to the online courses I offer in Physical/Biological Anthropology. Just click on the course that you are interested in to learn more. I am always creating new online courses, so check back after a while to view more courses. In the meantime, don’t miss my FREE mini-course, called “What is Anthropology?” 

Physical Anthropology Courses

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Genetics & Evolution

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The Primates

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Variation & Adaptation

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Forensic Anthropology

Have Questions About the Academy?

Do you have questions about the Anthropology 4U Academy? Check out the FAQ: Academy page! You can find out answers to frequently asked questions about enrollment. For example, if you need to buy textbooks (you don’t!), or if you can take a course when you’re still in high school (you can!). You can also find answers to frequently asked questions about the Academy courses. So, you can find out about the format of the courses, when you can start your course, and more! And, if you still have questions, just contact me!