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Anthropology 4U

Essentials of Biological Anthropology

Essentials of Biological Anthropology book cover

This 2019 introductory textbook presents information about Physical/Biological Anthropology. It even has an entire chapter about agriculture and human adaptation. Contents include evolution, genetics & population genetics, race, growth & development, adaptation, primates, fossils, dating, primate evolution, Hominin evolution, early Homo, modern people, and agriculture & population & biology.

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Cultural Anthropology: A Toolkit for a Global Age

Toolkit for a global age book cover

This 2017 introductory textbook presents information about Cultural Anthropology. It even has sections on language and human origins. Contents include: culture, fieldwork & ethnography, language, human origins, race & racism, ethnicity and nationalism, gender, sexuality, kinship & family & marriage, class & inequality, the global economy, migration, politics and power, Read more

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