What is Anthropology 4U?

Anthropology 4U offers a unique educational experience for life-long learners, by providing online and in-person courses in all four fields of Anthropology.

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Who Created Anthropology 4U?

Anthropology 4U was created by Keirsten E. Snover. Anthropology 4U brings the 4 fields of Anthropology to the general public and makes it accessible for all ages. You can learn about Keirsten below.

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Keirsten E. Snover

Hi! I’m Keirsten E. Snover, and I’m an Anthropologist! I have two Master’s Degrees in Anthropology, and I’ve worked as a professional Medical Anthropologist for the Cleveland Clinic, the #2 hospital in the world! For more about me, just read my bio below, and check out the Portfolio section of this website.

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Keirsten E. Snover earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology and a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary History and Anthropology from Eastern Washington University, located in Cheney, Washington.

She went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Medical Anthropology from Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition, Keirsten completed graduate level coursework in Space Studies from American Public University.

Keirsten Snover.


Keirsten has taught several workshops and short courses related to Anthropology, including simulated Archaeology digs and Forensic Anthropology/Human Osteology labs.

In addition, she has several years of teaching experience from being a Guest Lecturer and working as a Teaching Assistant throughout undergraduate and graduate school. You can learn more by visiting the Portfolio section!

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When she’s not doing Anthropology, Keirsten enjoys creating artwork, especially acrylic painting. She also loves to spend time hiking in Dishman Hills Natural Area with her all-terrain wheelchair.

Keirsten is living with a progressive neuromuscular disease, and so she now uses a wheelchair to get around, a feeding tube to eat and drink, and a non-invasive ventilator to breathe. All this does not stop her from teaching!