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Anthropology 4U: Learn Anthropology WITHOUT Going to College!

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Anyone who thinks you have to go to
college to learn about Anthropology...

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Discover an easier way to learn
Anthropology, WITHOUT going to college!

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The Anthropology 4U Academy makes it easy for ANYONE to learn Anthropology…even if you have NEVER studied Anthropology before!

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Many people are fascinated by Anthropology! You can explore:
  • different cultures around the world
  • how humans evolved
  • the origin of language
  • archaeological discoveries
  • forensic anthropology (like the American hit TV show, “Bones!”)


And SO much more!

But there’s a HUGE problem. 

You need to go to a college or 

university to take these courses.

So, first, you have to find a college to attend (and there may not be ANY where you live!)…

Then you need to fill out an application (AND pay a fee!)…

Then you need to be accepted as a student (and NOT everyone makes the cut!)…

Then you need to pay a hefty tuition fee (or even take out expensive student loans!)…and then you can finally register for a course.

But the long process doesn’t end there! College courses are only offered at certain times of the year, so you might have to wait MONTHS to start your education!

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And then, you will have to take prerequisites. These are general introductory courses that you MUST pass to take the more interesting advanced courses.

Then, once you actually start your course, you’ll need to attend class at least a few days per week…

And the class time may not work for you if you have a job or other commitments. And then there is also the time and expense of commuting to and from class.

Then you’ll spend hours and hours reading a textbook…and hours and hours doing homework…and hours and hours studying for exams.

By now, you have a good understanding of the long and complicated process of taking a course at a college or university!

All this is why many people NEVER fulfill their dream of studying Anthropology.

But, what if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if there was an EASIER way?

What if you didn’t need to apply, pay an application fee, and be accepted at a college or university?

What if you could start a course at ANY time…instead of waiting for the start of a college semester?

What if you could learn at your own pace and watch lectures as many times as you wanted... instead of having only one chance to learn from an in-person class?

What if courses were available 24/7...instead of only certain days and times?

What if you could take a course from home...or during your commute to work...or while working out in the gym?

What if you could take whatever course you were interested in...instead of having to pass introductory courses first?

What if you could learn through bite-sized lectures...instead of spending hours and hours reading a complicated textbook?

What if you could finish a course in less than a month...instead of attending for an entire semester?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you CAN do all of these things!

Isn’t that exciting?

Hi, I’m Keirsten Snover and I’m an Anthropologist!

I have not just one, but TWO Master’s degrees in Anthropology (in addition to a Bachelor’s degree). I’ve studied Anthropology for almost 10 years! And during that time, I won 10 awards for my work. Plus, I’ve even worked as a Medical Anthropologist for the Cleveland Clinic, the #2 hospital in the world. If you want to learn more about me, just check out the About page and Portfolio section of my website!

I was frustrated because there weren’t many options for people to study Anthropology besides going to college.

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So, that’s why I created Anthropology 4U…

A small business that offers online courses in ALL FOUR fields of Anthropology!

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Physical/Biological Anthropology
  • Linguistic Anthropology
  • Archaeology


My Anthropology online courses are designed for people like YOU…people who want to learn Anthropology but don’t want to have to go to college to do that.

And, the best part is that you CAN succeed in my online courses, even if you think Anthropology will be too hard…

Or even if you know NOTHING about Anthropology! I teach you everything you need to know!

Now you can FINALLY learn Anthropology from an expert (me!)…all WITHOUT having the time, expense, and hassle of enrolling in college!

Well, you might be asking…couldn’t I just Google

and learn about Anthropology that way?

Yes…and no. 

Yes, you could Google, but a search for “Anthropology” brings up over 500 million results.

That’s half a BILLION!

You would spend hours and hours and months and months…possibly YEARS researching Anthropology…

And STILL not know what I teach in my courses. So, NO, you CAN’T just Google to find the information.

And, much of the information about Anthropology is in textbooks and other academic books and is NOT available online.

But don’t worry…I spent almost 10 years at universities and read countless books…all so YOU don’t have to!

I have taken everything I have learned and distilled it down into information that is easy to understand…saving you both time and money.

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Anthropology online courses. 100% Quality Guaranteed

Now, you have two options.

One. Ignore me and continue wishing you could learn about Anthropology.


Two. Make a small RISK FREE investment in your education, and learn Anthropology TODAY!

Start NOW by clicking the button below, and you’ll see a list of available Anthropology online courses to choose from. 

Don’t see anything interesting? I’m constantly creating new courses, so check back again soon!

Once you join the Anthropology 4U Academy, you’ll get immediate online access to your course. Try it for yourself and see how informative the lessons are, RISK FREE!

If you aren’t happy, I’ll refund 100% of your money within 30 days. You literally have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Click the button NOW and enroll TODAY!

STILL not convinced you should click the button to learn more?

I also offer a FREE mini-course, called “What is Anthropology?” so that you can experience one of my Anthropology online courses…completely FREE!

Isn’t that awesome? Don’t pass up this opportunity! Click the button below and start your free course NOW!

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